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Denver, CO
Email: [email protected]


With over 19+ years of IT experience, I’ve made a career out of learning the latest technologies and tools to accomplish some of the most dynamic IT projects and initiatives. I believe in using the right tool for the job so I keep an open mind, continue researching, experimenting, and testing my ideas, even with my own side projects. I’m looking for a organization that will appreciate and take advantage of this experience, and challenge me to expand my knowledge and keep growing as a professional.

Employment History

July 2018 – March 2019
Director, Enterprise IT Systems, Health Union, LLC
Philadelphia, PA

  • Promoted over the summer to build the first enterprise IT systems and desktop support group
  • Maintain current DevOps operating excellence though automation, working across teams and business units
  • Hired and training a junior DevOps engineer to provide additional support and coverage, maintain up-time
  • Wrote and implementing a new information security policy to improve security in a local and remote workforce
  • Hosting workshops to foster security awareness, deploy improved macOS/PC security and anti-virus software
  • Explore solutions using Docker and Kubernetes in local development and hosted production environments

June 2017 – July 2018
Senior DevOps Engineer, Tech Lead, Health Union, LLC
Philadelphia, PA

  • Completely rebuilt and overhauled the AWS web hosting infrastructure, upgraded all servers using Salt
  • Maintain a 99.99% up-time in a 100% AWS hosted environment through 24/7 on-call support
  • Migrated multi-master MySQL cluster into an RDS Aurora instance with 0 downtime
  • Implemented database backup strategies, refreshing lower environments, saving daily managed backups to S3
  • Integrated BitBucket Pipelines into software development life-cycle, enabling auto-deploys & testing on commits
  • Built new data warehouse infrastructure, integrating multiple data ingestion sources, deployed Redash servers
  • Worked on team of developers that wrote a new cross-site WordPress theme, deployed across all HU sites
  • Updated management scripts that control CloudFlare, AWS SES, and Google G Suite domains and emails
  • Made network and security recommendations that have secured our entire publishing and hosting platforms
  • Implemented IT process and procedures that helped Health Union win Top Workplace for Small Business 2018

May 2012 – Present
Founder/Developer, BizzarTech, LLC.
Philadelphia, PA

  • BizzarTech, LLC provides custom web and app development services for small businesses and non-profits
  • Won the People’s Choice Award at the Philly Museum of Art’s Hackathon 3.0 with Tailwind
  • Hosted Philly & Pi event during the Raspberry Pi 5th Big Birthday Jam weekend, March 3rd, 2018
  • Provide IT consulting including web hosting, email management, DNS management, and PC repair and upgrades
  • Built my first cloud solution using RightScale and Xen Server with servers I hosted at home in 2012
  • Created my own Python/Flask based CMS open source project,
  • Creating a free PC application scanning tool using cli Python and web services,
  • Organize and host a 814+ member Raspberry Pi meetup, Coffee & Pi,
  • Re-coded several sites hosted for friends and family into WordPress based sites using PHP

June 2016 – June 2017
Web/Linux DevOps Engineer, American Bible Society
Philadelphia, PA

  • Provide support and administration for 17 consolidated AWS accounts, across multiple regions
  • Also provide administration of Azure cloud environment and on-site data-center servers, storage, backups
  • AWS resources include 83 EC2 servers, 25 RDS clusters varying in technology (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL)
  • Also manage 36 Route 53 zones, 109 S3 buckets, 43 Elastic IPs, 18 Elastic Load Balancers
  • Built and supported Elastic Beanstalk apps, ElasticSearch clusters, ElastiCache/Redis clusters at AWS
  • Rebuilt the RedShift cluster after an AWS failure, resolving billing disputes over resources and SLAs
  • Built a custom Python/Flask dashboard w/ API that scanned for changes across consolidated AWS accounts
  • Created shell scripts that pushed AWS updates and changes to dashboard API, send emails on detected changes
  • Deployed Docker containers using EC2 Container Service/ECS, hosted on EC2 Container Registry/ECR
  • Support, update and deploy Opsworks/Chef managed legacy application,
  • Built a CDN on AWS using static resources in an S3 bucket, CloudFront, SSL certificate
  • Rebuilt infrastructure for into CloudFormation templates, deployed, and managed
  • Documented and implemented monitoring using New Relic, WhatsUp Gold
  • Provide point of contact support for 3rd party ecommerce platform, PHP/Magento 1.x,

July 2012 – June 2016
Sr. Systems Web/Internet Admin, American College of Physicians
Philadelphia, PA

  • Provide server admin support for 80 servers, Ubuntu 14.04/16.04, Windows Server 2008/2012
  • Provide 24/7 support coverage (full-time and on-call) for all websites hosted in ACP data center
  • Migrated legacy services from Solaris 9 to comparable services running on Ubuntu 12.04
  • Support primary internet services hosted on Ubuntu such as DNS, NTP, Samba, NFS, FTP, Apache
  • Setup and configured the AWS Proxy authentication portal hosted on a Windows Server 2008 with AWS IAM
  • Provide recommendations and support for AWS hosted resources including EC2, S3, IAM, RDS
  • Assumed responsibility for F5 load balancer and SSL certificate management
  • Support internal development servers hosting Ruby on Rails, patching, dependencies
  • Perform capacity planning for internal VMware environment, disk usage, server capacity/maintenance
  • Create and customize Perl, Python, and Bash/ksh scripts for monitoring and reporting on the servers
  • Created disaster recovery documentation and implemented redundant services in Washington, DC office

August 2010 – April 2014
PAWSibilities Animal Rescue, Associate Director
Harleysville, PA

  • Provide animal care and support to non-profit animal rescue shelter on a part-time basis
  • Re-coded and manage the WordPress based website
  • Created custom theme template based on a previous static web design
  • Consulted on various technologies for services to the property owner

August 2010 – March 2012
MEDecision Inc., ASP Application Admin
Wayne, PA

  • Provide 3rd level support for managed, internal healthcare portal application
  • Inherited Websphere 6 environment, upgraded/migrated to Websphere 7
  • Built and supported JBoss applications onto physical server appliances (EHM records)
  • Provide system administration support for Linux servers supporting the portal application
  • Created capacity planning reports regarding capacity and trending with application and hardware capacity
  • Manage several CA Siteminder instances to secure our internet access for customers/clients
  • Provide backup system administration support for AIX servers and applications
  • Work with various departments on application requirements and updates
  • Created Red Hat patching scheme with Yum, should check out Spacewalk for CentOS patch management
  • Consolidated acquired resources from former company and migrated to internal environments
  • Provide VMware vSphere administration for Linux servers across all development & production environments
  • Managed Netapp and IBM DS8300 storage for a virtualized environment
  • Used Splunk and other log file/system information tools to troubleshoot and debug application issues
  • Follow established policies and procedures for code deployments to test and production environments
  • Used Oracle grid control to manage scheduled jobs, SQL scripts during application deployments
  • Managed and supported F5 load balancers on 3 primary, separate application clusters
  • Managed SSL certificates for identity management and application integration with 3rd parties (SSO)

January 2010 – April 2010
SunGard Availability Services, Engineer/Developer
Philadelphia, PA

  • Designed and developed second generation managed services portal
  • Technologies used included Python, Django, jquery, HTML/CSS, javascript, MySQL
  • Used Splunk for log file aggregation and monitoring
  • New portal heavily integrated into legacy portal to help migrate functionality
  • Used iframes and custom integration to Remedy ticketing system
  • I was responsible for most of the framework and UI
  • This was a great extension of my previous position at SunGard

July 2008 – January 2010
SunGard Availability Services, Production Support Analyst/Release Manager/Engineer
Philadelphia, PA

  • Windows Server 2003/2008
  • Responsible for Tier II support of managed services portal application
  • Helped design additional requirements for monitoring, logging, and reporting application issues
  • Work with different departments to identify sub-system dependencies
  • Other departments include Monitoring, Infrastructure, Product Development, Business Analysts
  • Create and update documentation that defines architecture and dependencies
  • Created small application to assist with dependency availability monitoring from IIS
  • Developed application to show current system health for dependencies
  • performed some basic Remedy troubleshooting related to the portal (users, ticket integration_
  • Wrote small, custom applications for custom projects, mostly SQL data dumps for reporting requests
  • Help manage Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MS SQL databases for data integrity
  • Assist with code releases including packing, deployment, and testing in a environment
  • Evaluate and troubleshoot code issues in code base
  • Used code revision tools Subversion and Cruise Control to maintain code integrity
  • Supported complex .net IIS web server environment, data layer, and other dependencies
  • Network changes included DNS, F5 load balancers, firewall, network configuration
  • System changes included IIS, SQL server, supporting .net infrastructure
  • Created documentation to help evaluate new technologies and testing methodologies
  • Managed and supported multiple development environments and code deployment in these environments

Nov 2006 – Feb 2008
Probaris Technologies, Network Admin
Philadelphia, PA

  • Linux (Red Hat, Debian), Solaris, Windows Server 2003
  • Assumed all roles of IT administration including backups, phones, and data
  • Managed the relocation of all IT infrastructure during organization relocation
  • Moved server room from 3rd floor to 2nd floor, low downtime, low interruption
  • Assist developers with technology questions and improve testing methodology
  • Assist users with VPN and wireless connectivity
  • Work with marketing to improve website and other technology strategies
  • Implemented key IT systems to monitor and report on network and hardware issues
  • Used open source and commercial software to replace legacy network systems
  • Supported 25 users, locally and remote (DC and Colorado)
  • Supported Samba directory services, DNS, Yum/Apt/Up2date, Sendmail/Exim/Courier
  • Worked with different virtualization platforms (VMware, MS Virtual Server/PC)
  • Managed network infrastructure including router, switches, networking protocols
  • Supported mostly Dell hardware

May 2005 – Nov 2006
Answerthink / The Hackett Group, Unix Admin
Conshohocken, PA

  • Linux (Red hat, CentOS, Fedora, FreeBSD), Solaris, Windows Server 2003
  • Setup and managed the server managed system utilizing MRTG and custom scripts
  • Assisted in the migration of Solaris web applications to Linux
  • Migrated web server cluster to IBM BladeCenter hardware
  • Lead a migration project to VMware to consolidate server hardware and costs
  • Worked with different virtualization platforms (VMware, MS Virtual Server/PC)
  • Assisted with 5 week Tomcat performance/load testing project
  • Performed an actual disaster recovery at DBSI in Bethlehem, PA
  • Updated and managed Bash and Perl scripts for backups, monitoring, and code deployment
  • Wrote disaster recovery documents and provided information for Sarbox auditing
  • Supported 800+ users, locally and remote (Atlanta, Miami, London, India)
  • Supported DNS, rsync, Apache, Tomcat, NFS/Samba, Yum/Apt/Up2date, Sendmail, LDAP, SMTP
  • Supported a variety of Compaq, HP, Dell, and IBM hardware for a variety of projects
  • Managed and supported multiple development environments and code deployment in these environments

August 2001 – May 2005
Severn Trent Services, 1st Level Tech Support / Phone Admin / Linux Admin
Colmar, PA

  • Provided 1st level Tech Support, mostly reformatting desktops and replacing printer toner cartridges
  • Learned Red Hat Linux administration, transitioned to replace previous Linux admin
  • Built a PHP based Intranet site that integrated with Active Directory LDAP for authentication

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Montgomery County Community College – 2002-2003
Computer Science, and other general courses (Java)

Allentown Business School – 1999-2000
Management and Marketing Courses

Upper Bucks Vo-Tech School – 1995-1999
Business Information Technology


References are furnished upon request.