Brad Derstine Resume

Philadelphia, PA


With over 17+ years of IT experience, I’ve made a career out of learning the technologies and tools to accomplish some of the most dynamic IT initiatives. I believe in using the right tool for the job so I keep an open mind, continue researching, experimenting, and testing my ideas using many of the latest cloud technologies. I’m looking for a company that will appreciate and take advantage of this experience and challenge me to expand my knowledge and keep growing as a professional.

Employment History

June 2017 - Present
Senior DevOps Engineer, Health Union, LLC
Philadelphia, PA

  • I'm updating this soon!

May 2012 – Present
Founder/Developer, BizzarTech, LLC
Philadelphia, PA

  • Provide custom web development services for small businesses and non-profits
  • Provide IT consulting including web hosting, email management, DNS management, and PC repair and upgrades
  • Built my first cloud solution using RightScale and Xen Server with servers I hosted at home in 2012
  • Created my own Python/Flask based CMS open source project,
  • Created a free PC application scanning tool using cli Python and web services,
  • Started and organize a Raspberry Pi meetup, Coffee & Pi,
  • Work on a number of open source, animal rescue WordPress plugins
  • Re-coded several sites hosted for friends and family into WordPress based sites using PHP

June 2016 - June 2017
Web/Linux DevOps Engineer, American Bible Society
Philadelphia, PA

  • Provide support and administration for 17 consolidated AWS accounts, across multiple regions
  • Also provide administration of Azure cloud environment and on-site datacenter servers, storage, backups
  • AWS resources include 83 EC2 servers, 25 RDS clusters varying in technology (Postgres, MySQL, MS SQL)
  • Also manage 36 Route 53 zones, 109 S3 buckets, 43 Elastic IPs, 18 Elastic Loadbalancers
  • Built and supported Elastic Beanstalk apps, ElasticSearch clusters, ElastiCache/Redis clusters at AWS
  • Rebuilt the RedShift cluster after an AWS failure, resolving billing disputes over resources and SLAs
  • Built a custom Python/Flask dashboard w/ API that scanned for changes across consolidated AWS accounts
  • Created shell scripts that pushed AWS updates and changes to dashboard API,send emails on detected changes
  • Deployed Docker containers using EC2 Container Service/ECS, hosted on EC2 Container Registry/ECR
  • Support, update and deploy Opsworks/Chef managed legacy application,
  • Built a CDN on AWS using static resources in an S3 bucket, CloudFront, SSL certificate
  • Rebuilt infrastructure for into CloudFormation templates, deployed, and managed
  • Documented and implemented monitoring using New Relic, WhatsUp Gold
  • Provide point of contact support for 3rd party ecommerce platform, PHP/Magento 1.x,

July 2012 – June 2016
Sr. System Web/Internet Admin, American College of Physicians
Philadelphia, PA

  • Provide server admin support for 50 servers, Solaris 9, Ubuntu 12.04/14.04, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012
  • Provide 24/7 support coverage (full-time and on-call) for all websites hosted in ACP data center
  • Migrated all legacy internet services from Solaris to comparable services running on Ubuntu
  • Managed Internal and external DNS, NTP, Samba, NFS, FTP, Apache for all ACP websites
  • Setup and configured the AWS Proxy authentication portal hosted on a Windows Server 2008 with AWS IAM
  • Provide recommendations and support for AWS hosted resources including EC2, S3, IAM, RDS
  • Assumed responsibility for F5 load balancer and SSL certificate management
  • Support internal development servers hosting Ruby on Rails (passenger), patching, dependencies
  • Perform capacity planning for internal VMware environment, disk usage, server capacity/maintenance
  • Create and customize Perl, Python, and Bash/ksh scripts for monitoring and reporting on the servers
  • Created disaster recovery documentation and implemented redundant services in Washington, DC office
  • Implemented PCI auditing and controls across Linux web hosting architecture
  • Setup and configured New Relic for monitoring, Cacti for internal reporting/trending graphs
  • Architected the VMware ESX implementation for Ubuntu, setup networks, storage, and server configurations
  • Used Kickstart and scripts to auto provision servers in house for rapid setup and deployments

August 2010 – April 2014
PAWSibilities Animal Rescue, Associate Director
Harleysville, PA

  • Provide animal care and support to non-profit animal rescue shelter on a part-time basis
  • Re-coded and manage the WordPress based website
  • Created custom theme template based on a previous static web design
  • Consulted on various technologies for services to the property owner
  • Currently a board member for the non-profit organization

August 2010 – March 2012
MEDecision Inc., ASP Application Admin
Wayne, PA

  • Provide 3rd level support for managed, internal healthcare portal application
  • Provide system administration support for Linux servers supporting the portal application
  • Created capacity planning reports regarding capacity and trending with application and hardware capacity
  • Manage several CA Siteminder instances to secure our internet access for customers/clients
  • Provide backup system administration support for AIX servers and applications
  • Work with various departments on application requirements and updates
  • Created Red Hat patching scheme with Yum, should check out Spacewalk for CentOS patch mgmt
  • Consolidated acquired resources from former company and migrated to internal environments
  • Provide VMware vSphere administration for Linux servers across all development & production environments
  • Managed Netapp and IBM DS8300 storage for a virtualized environment
  • Re-configured several VMware ESX servers into a vSphere 4.1 cluster
  • Provide support to other internal departments for development environments
  • Used Splunk and other log file/system information tools to troubleshoot and debug application issues
  • Follow established policies and procedures for code deployments to test and production environments
  • Used Oracle grid control to manage scheduled jobs, SQL scripts during application deployments
  • Managed and supported F5 load balancers on 3 primary, separate application clusters
  • Managed SSL certificates for identity management and application integrations with 3rd parties (SSO)

January 2010 – April 2010
SunGard Availability Services, Engineer/Developer
Philadelphia, PA

  • Designed and developed second generation managed services portal
  • Technologies used included Python, Django, jquery, HTML/CSS, javascript, MySQL
  • Used Splunk for log file aggregation and monitoring
  • New portal heavily integrated into legacy portal to help migrate functionality
  • Used iframes and custom integrations to Remedy ticketing system
  • I was responsible for most of the framework and ui
  • This was a great extension of my previous position at SunGard

July 2008 – January 2010
SunGard Availability Services, Production Support Analyst/Release Manager/Engineer
Philadelphia, PA

  • Windows Server 2003/2008
  • Responsible for Tier II support of managed services portal application
  • Helped design additional requirements for monitoring, logging, and reporting application issues
  • Work with different departments to identify sub-system dependencies
  • Other departments include Monitoring, Infrastructure, Product Development, Business Analysts
  • Create and update documentation that defines architecture and dependencies
  • Created small application to assist with dependency availability monitoring from IIS
  • Developed application to show current system health for dependencies
  • performed some basic Remedy troubleshooting related to the portal (users, ticket integration_
  • Wrote small, custom applications for custom projects, mostly SQL data dumps for reporting requests
  • Help manage Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MS SQL databases for data integrity
  • Assist with code releases including packing, deployment, and testing in a environment
  • Evaluate and troubleshoot code issues in code base
  • Used code revision tools Subversion and Cruise Control to maintain code integrity
  • Supported complex .net IIS web server environment, data layer, and other dependencies
  • Advised Infrastructure team on changes needed to system and network configurations
  • Network changes included DNS, F5 load balancers, firewall, network configuration
  • System changes included IIS, SQL server, supporting .net infrastructure
  • Created documentation to help evaluate new technologies and testing methodologies
  • Managed and supported multiple development environments and code deployment in these environments

Nov 2006 – Feb 2008
Probaris Technologies, Network Admin
Philadelphia, PA

  • Linux (Red Hat, Debian), Solaris, Windows Server 2003
  • Assumed all roles of IT administration including backups, phones, and data
  • Managed the relocation of all IT infrastructure during organization relocation
  • Moved server room from 3rd floor to 2nd floor, low downtime, low interruption
  • Assist developers with technology questions and improve testing methodology
  • Assist users with VPN and wireless connectivity
  • Work with marketing to improve website and other technology strategies
  • Implemented key IT systems to monitor and report on network and hardware issues
  • Used open source and commercial software to replace legacy network systems
  • Supported 25 users, locally and remote (DC and Colorado)
  • Supported Samba directory services, DNS, Yum/Apt/Up2date, Sendmail/Exim/Courier
  • Worked with different virtualization platforms (VMware, MS Virtual Server/PC)
  • Managed network infrastructure including router, switches, networking protocols
  • Supported mostly Dell hardware

May 2005 – Nov 2006
Answerthink / The Hackett Group, Unix Admin
Conshohocken, PA

  • Linux (Red hat, CentOS, Fedora, FreeBSD), Solaris, Windows Server 2003
  • Setup and managed the server managed system utilizing MRTG and custom scripts
  • Assisted in the migration of Solaris web applications to Linux
  • Migrated web server cluster to IBM BladeCenter hardware
  • Lead a migration project to VMware to consolidate server hardware and costs
  • Worked with different virtualization platforms (VMware, MS Virtual Server/PC)
  • Assisted with 5 week Tomcat performance/load testing project
  • Performed an actual disaster recovery at DBSI in Bethlehem, PA
  • Updated and managed Bash and Perl scripts for backups, monitoring, and code deployment
  • Wrote disaster recovery documents and provided information for Sarbox auditing
  • Supported 800+ users, locally and remote (Atlanta, Miami, London, India)
  • Supported DNS, rsync, Apache, Tomcat, NFS/Samba, Yum/Apt/Up2date, Sendmail, LDAP, SMTP
  • Managed Cisco Firewall management, IBM blade center technology
  • Supported a variety of Compaq, HP, Dell, and IBM hardware for a variety of projects
  • Installed and configured Oracle business suite application
  • Managed and supported multiple development environments and code deployment in these environments

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** Note, most of my IT education has come from on the job training through some great mentors and managers plus what I’ve learned over the years from reading books and websites and testing on servers in my garage! **

Montgomery County Community College – 2002-2003
Computer Science, and other general courses (Java)

Allentown Business School – 1999-2000
Management and Marketing Courses

Upper Bucks Vo-Tech School – 1995-1999
Business Information Technology