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Active Projects

BizzarTech, LLC – I started BizzarTech so I could have a business entity to help with taxes and keep my projects organized. A lot of new projects and ideas have been put together thanks to this!

WebsiteMixer – WebsiteMixer is a VERY early stage open source content management system (CMS) built using Python 3.6 and Flask 1.0.2. I was duplicating a lot of code for website projects and figured releasing it on GitHub might help other developers learn more Python.

CoffeeAndPi – I wanted to start a meetup and meet some people interested in working on and learning more about Raspberry Pi computers. This meetup grew into a multi-city meetup in Philly and Denver, and I’m hoping this spawns a non-profit to continue putting small affordable computers in the hands of interested adults and eager young minds!

MuseumCrawlers – This hackathon group started when a group of young professionals joined forces at the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Hackathon 2.0 and recently won People’s Choice at Hackathon 3.0! We build apps that entertain and inform visitors at the museum. – This site was setup to share information and resources for the Derstine family. It includes a FREE PDF copy of Joy (Derstine) Harris’s family book, as well as a copy of her GEDCOM database from 2010 after she passed.

In-Development Projects

I have a mountain of ideas and some projects that are in various states of “in-progress”, but some of these are worth sharing. Also known as, “the backlog”… – Talking to an InfoSec researcher, the question was asked, “can we build our own dark web”? The answer is yes, and I want to document and share the tools and concepts that make this work similar to the Dark Web/Tor/Onion network. I called it “ahoy” and use .ahoy as a custom non-ICANN top level domain and uses it’s own certificate authority. – I bought the domain name a few years ago out of nostalgia and would like to resurrect it as an online community, however it’s been blacklisted as porn and comes with a Facebook page with mostly bots. Needs work! – Started as GradeMyPC/GradeMyMac, I want to make something more cloud/AWS friendly and provide tools and inspiration to better manage online infrastructure and get information about computers and servers in a central location. – Online dating apps suck, so I wanted to make my own. This app will feature different profiles of “Brad” and was just something fun to work on and keep learning how to make iPhone apps. – I use some hosted social networking follow/unfollow services, however these services have been flaking out lately and I wanted to try and build my own. I hear Twitter/Instragram APIs are getting harder and harder to work with, so this has kind of gone to the back burner.