About Brad

When I started working in IT in 2000, I got an accidental first level tech support job fixing desktops and printer issues after installing software on my computer that I wasn't allowed to. After that, I took the opportunity and read every book, every webpage, worked on all sorts of servers and applications. I'm mostly self-taught and have worked my way up the IT ladder as a tech support rep to server admin, phone admin, network admin, or whatever kind of admin I had to be so I could keep growing my IT career. After 14 years of working in IT, I've found my calling and love every day that I get to do this.

Currently, I'm a senior Linux server admin for one of the largest and oldest non-profits in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the American College of Physicians. ACP provides continuing education materials for doctors and physicians from all over the world. My latest adventures include dreams of creating a startup company and possibly creating the next big app for an iphone or android device. Until then, my dreams will be channelled through BizzarTech, LLC. I provide web hosting and managed Wordpress services, and since I'm a server admin by day, I can create custom cloud servers that can host any application you can find on the internet. I also started a side project called GradeMyPC which is a PC scanner (with future Mac plans) that will collect some basic information about your computer and spit out a report card grading certain aspects of your computer like security and installed apps. It was created first as a test to see if I could make a python client talk to some web services, and when it worked, I just kept working on it and is my favorite side project at this time.